I am ever grateful to all of the beautiful couples who have opened up and invited me into such an intimate life experience. Thank you.


"I congratulate her for her work, she was a big help."  --- Gabriela Borja G, Ecuador 2010

"This was by far the best labor and delivery I have had (I have 4 children)."  --- Amanda S, Ecuador 2010

"I just gave birth 3 weeks ago to a little baby boy with the invaluable help of my doula, Amy Proszowski. I met Amy at her pregnancy yoga class. I loved attending her class to relax my mind and my pregnant body, and to alleviate a sciatica. I can’t wait to attend her “yoga with baby” class.
Before birth she helped me make an informed decision on the way I wished to be birthing. I had a baby that was in breech and had several birth options. She helped me write a birthing plan and gave me more confidence in asking for specific birth conditions in the Hospital I would deliver. The day of my delivery wouldn’t have been the same without her. She gave me strength to go through the hardest contractions of my labor. She brought me physical relief through different techniques as well as moral support. I could tell her contribution when the medical team asked her to step out of the delivery room when I got an epidural installed, without her support I suffered a lot more. She was allowed back in for the delivery phase that lasted a while due to the breech presentation of the baby. She reassured me all the way, told me the progression of the birth, helped me to relax in between pushing. I felt very supported by her and it helped me enjoy this precious moment. Amy took also care of informing my partner that was in the waiting room and she brought him to meet his son as soon as the baby was given to us. This birth was a lot less stressful than my previous one despite the baby being breech and big, and it’s in a great part thanks to Amy.
Amy visited me at the hospital as well as at home after the birth. Being at risk for post-partum anxiety she is helping me to take preventive measures. She was also and is still there for me when I need to talk and she is checking on me regularly. On a personal level Amy is a very sweet and smart person, very agreeable to talk to. She is very discreet and calm, she has a reassuring presence. She was always available for me and very attentive to my needs. At every step of the process she always knew professionals she was referring me to in order to solve the specific problems I encountered." --- Anne D, Spain 2013


"During the time I have worked with her I have found Amy to be more than competent in her duties and always willing to give more than required in her role. She is open and interested in learning more about her role and that of the other healthcare professionals she supports. Her ability to support the clients and put both mother and father at ease in her role as doula has made her stand out in my mind as an excellent professional in her field.
Amy has a keen interest in Midwifery and due to the impression she has made on me in her role and capacity as a doula and midwife assistant both in labour and the postnatal period I feel very happy to recommend her for this course as a means to her acquiring a place in university in the near future." --- Krishinda Powers Duff - RM, Spain 2013

"When my husband and I were researching doulas for the birth of our first child, Amy stood out.  She had this amazing calming aura around her that we knew instantly she would be a perfect fit.
This being out first pregnancy, my husband and I had no idea what to expect in terms of birthing process, pain expectation, pain relief Etc.  All I knew was that I wanted to have a natural birth has much as I could.
Amy was an amazing Doula. She was extremely supportive and calming presence to both my husband and I
We are not the type of people that would ask for help when dealing with stressful situation, however Amy knew exactly what we needed and was also one step ahead offering support
Amy was always available when we had any questions, and after we were discharged from the hospital and I was having issues latching, she came over instantaneously offering any help and support.
And she makes one hellevu cookie!!!" --- Jessica W, Toronto 2015

"Amy is an incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable, and loving doula! Having her beside me as I went through the journey that is giving birth made the experience of having my last baby an unforgettable memory. 

I was in a high risk pregnancy due to IUGR and an IUD implantation, so I was pretty scared going in, but from the very beginning Amy's confident and easy going energy helped me to get grounded. Throughout the process, she offered a series of gentle suggestions to help me ease the pain of labor. Her back massages were everything! It was exactly what I needed as I transitioned into very painful back labor, she also encouraged me to take a bath, as well as go through contractions on the exercise ball. She was so tactful and observant, she knew exactly when to step back and would intuitively step back in to support me. She respected and made space for my partner's presence as well and a few moments after the baby's birth she asked if she could take a picture and captured such a beautiful moment with my partner and our brand new baby! 

Amy was truly an angel in disguise for me during my birth process. Her energy is so positive and loving in a really grounded and balanced way, she made a huge difference in my birth experience, and I'm truly happy and thankful that she was my doula." --- Jessica V, Toronto 2015


"We were really well supported especially on the day we went to the hospital for a scheduled induction. There were many questions I had before my water was broken, and Amy was available to discuss the options presented and explain each in detail. Once the labour started Amy was supporting us throughout the whole experience. Amy was with us the whole time during labour/delivery but without being invasive or taking over. I still felt very close with my husband, and she was a great addition to guide us both. What I loved the best was her suggestions on positions, and keeping me centered and focused on breathing. 

I definitely know I wouldn’t be able to get through this experience without her by my side. I also appreciated her staying with us post-delivery until we settled in." --- Polina S-D, Toronto 2016

"It was just so easy with Amy, so comfortable right from the beginning. We enjoyed how calm Amy made us feel with everything we were going up against.

Amy was our lifesaver. There was nothing better that she could have provided us with because we believe she gave us 1000% of her work, patience and love. Amy has continued to show her kindness by sending a text checking to see how we are doing, we also send her a monthly photo of how our little girl is growing." --- Sonia-Lynn, Toronto 2016

"Well hello, Amy! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Those laboring DAYS are clear as crystal to me too...so magical, so inspiring. Thank you for being such a comforting part of it. The strong yet gentle women (you Amy) who supported me inspired me to become a doula. Have been attending births for more than 3 years now!" --- Sarah Standley Burke, Barcelona, Spain 2012


“Having Amy as our doula was a very special part of our birthing story. She provided a grounded and unobtrusive presence, guiding but never directing, a wise friend to help navigate the unpredictable waters of childbirth. Was invaluable having her to lean on for support and information, allowing us to feel confident in our choices amidst a hospital environment where you’re often not sure what to believe. We will always hold dear in our heart having shared this day with her.” --- Michelle and Lisa, Toronto, Canada 2018