A customised session may include the following practice:

  • strengthening: yoga postures to maintain muscle tone as well as teach resistance and stamina in preparation for birth and postpartum
  • stretching: longer held yoga postures that increase flexibility of major muscles as well as improve circulation and alignment
  • restorative: yoga postures modified by supports allow the muscles that surround and sustain the skeleton to relax fully helping to reach deep mental relaxation and teaching you how to surrender in preparation for birth and postpartum life!
  • pranayama: breathing exercises to restore energy, clear the mind, elevate your mood, relax, nourish your growing baby and prepare for birth 
  • Labor (36+ weeks): a series of VERY specific postures designed to bring the body into correct alignment and open up space for a breech or posterior baby to turn and settle into. 

During class focus is steered from the business of everyday life to mindful quality time and pampering of yourself and your baby belly. It’s time to stop, listen and connect to what your body is telling you! 

Through Birth Preparation body alignment classes you can find a balance between focus, stamina and engagement while surrendering to the experience. 

* all postures are modified accordingly to benefit and accommodate the changes of your pregnancy

Private Sessions in your home $85 p/ hour and 15 minutes  or $245 for x3 sessions

Group Sessions I will provide the space for groups of 3 or more committed to participating in a minimum of 5 sessions. $95 per person for x5 sessions

* 10% discount for Doula clients