5 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

Did you know that August is the busiest travel month of the year?  With the August long weekend almost here, we want to share our 5 best tips for traveling with a baby. 

A lot of people think traveling with a baby is tough.  It is different from when you traveled without kids, but it is totally doable.  And a postpartum trip can be wonderful to give the whole family a change of scene (as much as we love our city of Toronto, sometimes you just have to get out there!)  Visiting grandparents, extended family, or just taking some R&R, don’t let your new addition put you off traveling.

Babies, especially young infants, can be great travelers! Their lack of mobility makes them relatively easy to entertain and manage while on the road.   We wanted to share with you a few things that will make the trip easier on you, the parents.

Here are our top 5 tips on traveling with a baby:

1.  Get a backpack diaper bag

Having a diaper bag backpack makes toting around your baby gear a lot easier.  The backpack design distributes the weight of the bag when you wear it.  It can also be easily be worn while you are babywearing on your trip! Some of the newest ones even have room for the parent’s stuff as well.

2.       Baby carriers are essential

Whether it is ring sling, buckle carrier or wrap babywearing will make your life on the road so much easier! You can easily navigate security and customs while wearing your baby, pulling a suitcase and wearing a backpack diaper bag.  And you’ll still have a hand free to hold your older child’s hand (if you have one) or a much-needed cup of coffee!

Not only that, but when traveling by plane, wearing your baby helps keep your hands free so you can read while baby sleeps and makes nursing a little bit easier. I personally love a ring sling for plane travel (Maya wrap brand is a favorite!) because it is easy to get on and off and adjust.

3.       Feed baby during take-off and landing

Having baby suck on something, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, will help to distract baby during take-off and landing.  The swallowing action will also help deal with that pesky ear popping the pain associated with it. Plus having something in their mouth means it is unlikely they will be crying. A good feed will also encourage baby to fall asleep, which, once in their sling, gives you the freedom to do whatever you want/need to do!

If you are breastfeeding, a comfy Nursing Tank is essential to make feeding during travel easy. If you are bottle feeding, don’t forget to prepare bottles before getting on the plane (but after going through security!).

4.      Bring extra clothes

With infants, accidents always happen, especially when you really don’t want them to. Make sure you pack several outfits in a carry on or your diaper bag so that you can deal with the messes. Have a large Ziploc bag with you to put dirty clothes to keep them and their odor separated from the rest of your bag. Footed pajamas or onesies (depending on temperature and weather) are our favorites for traveling because they roll-up small and keep baby warm from head to toe.

5.      Take it slow

If traveling by car this summer, don’t be afraid to take it slow. Especially if you are nursing, prepare extra time in your travels to stop frequently (you should do this anyway to rest from driving!) NEVER breastfeed while a car is in motion! Take your time, stop when necessary, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

Traveling by plane? Same idea.  Get to the airport a little early and take your time getting to your gate. Let your older children explore the airport and read our blog later this week about how to pack simply to make traveling a little easier!

For more great inspiration, check this out:  Our clients traveled with their baby and you can read all about their adventures on their blog.

Have you traveled with babies before, or are you planning a trip?  We’d love to hear your tips, travel stories, and how you managed!  Please leave a comment below!