Newborn Sleep: The Real Scoop

Sleep is perhaps one of the hottest topics surrounding babies.  The one question new parents will always hear is "Is your baby sleeping through the night?"

At Doula Care Journey, we are thrilled that author Elizabeth Pantley has shared her guide to newborn sleep with us.  And we're sharing it with you!

Her book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, is a recommended read from our postpartum doula team.  Even better, try to read it before your baby arrives!  It teaches you what is normal and expected of newborn sleep, so you can be prepared for the postpartum period.  It teaches what is a normal sleep pattern and range of sleep for newborns to older babies. 

And now, she has The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns!  Finally, some REAL expectations on new baby sleep!

(FYI - She has also written a whole library of gentle parenting books, so her advice grows as your family does.)

Her approach works on finding solutions that work for your whole family.  She knows there's not one method that works for everyone, and so has a variety of solutions to present.  She's a mom of four kids as well and has been there in the parenting trenches (we love that!). 

Please take a minute and check out her website for more information. 

Just click the link here to download your own PDF copy!

Need help with newborn sleep?  Our overnight postpartum doula services may be right for your family.  Contact us to find out more!