“I am forever grateful to you for getting me through the most traumatizing and at the same time rewarding time of my life!  We couldn’t have done it with out you.  Thank you for spending that quality time with me after the baby was born – I really needed that follow up!” --- Jessica K.

“Out of all the doulas we met we loved Jen's energy the most, her voice is comforting and the connection was instant.” --- Jasmine L.

“Jennifer, I’d like to thank you for all the support you’ve been providing for me during my pregnancy.  Without your help and advice I think I would be lost!  I truly respect you for the dedication you put into being an informative doula.  I’m looking forward to my delivery and I’m excited you will be a part of that journey.  Please continue to thrive at what you do.” --- Melissa M.


“I wasn’t sure what a doula would do for me, but it was extremely helpful to have someone spend time showing and explaining how to breastfeed properly to me.  It was also nice to have someone take care of me, and make sure I was getting proper meals!” --- Tiyarah S.

“Jennifer was such a helping hand on many levels.  Helping with advice, babysitting my newborn so I could do something with my toddler, providing healthy meals, offering to come with me to buy a carrier, and helping with shopping and groceries.” --- Sandra L.

“I continued to feel as an important partner in supporting my wife and newborn, but could relax more knowing Jennifer was there for advice and help.” --- Mark B.

“Jennifer is amazing and knows her work well, supporting my grandson.  She is knowledgeable and has good interpersonal skills” --- Rekha S.