When you book your placenta encapsulation service with Doula Care Journey, you can feel confident that the process is held to the highest standards from start to finish. 

The Doula Care Journey Difference

Training and Accountability

  • Your postpartum placenta specialist has been trained in person by an organization with very strict protocols on the encapsulation process from transportation to packaging (and everything in between).
  • We adhere to sanitation protocols as outlined in Bloodborne Pathogen training to ensure there is never a risk of cross contamination.

Transportation and Safety

  • Unlike many placenta encapsulators, your Postpartum Placenta Specialist from Doula Care Journey will never transport your placenta for you.  This is because the only way you can be sure if it is your placenta is if you bring it home yourself.  Some placenta encapsulators may be processing several placentas at the same time.  Transporting it yourself to your home ensures you are not getting someone else’s placenta!  
  • Prior to your birth, we meet with you in person to discuss any questions or concerns, and to give you your sterilized placenta kit, which includes detailed instructions for simple, easy and safe transport.

Our Process

  • We process the placenta according to the traditional method (which is basedon Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)).  This process includes steaming the placenta prior to dehydration in order to kill any germs or bacteria.  
  • We only encapsulate in the client's home.  This way, there is no risk of your placenta being exposed to any unfamiliar bacteria that may intefere with healthy postpartum recovery.

Value Added Service

  • By having your Postpartum Placenta Specialist (who is also a certified postpartum doula) in your home during the encapsulation process, we can give extra support.  All our placenta encapsulation clients are entitled to a FREE 15 minute session with the encapsulator to answer any questions regarding feeding, newborn care, adjusting siblings and/or pets to a new baby, postpartum recovery, and so on. 
  • Your kitchen is left clean and sanitized at the end of the process.

Potential Benefits

The placenta, if ingested by the mother in encapsulated form, can provide benefits to the mother such as :

  • Lessening the chances of postpartum depression
  • Increasing breast milk supply
  • Increasing energy, and 
  • Reducing stress.  

In-home placenta encapsulation starts at  $275

Placenta tincture add on $25

* All encapsulation clients receive a cord keepsake.

The placenta is an amazing human organ that has been a bond between you and your baby.  Don’t trust it to just anyone!  

Please note:  This information has not been evaluated by Health Canada.  The information presented is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Our postpartum placenta specialist is a trained holistic practitioner, but is not a medical professional.

* 10% discount for Doula clients

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