What Doula Care Journey helps you with:

  • feeding your baby, whether breast, bottle, or both
  • do light household chores such as laundry, nursery organization, dishes
  • care for older children in the house
  • preparation of simple meals and snacks to fuel you through your day
  • getting more sleep for your whole family at night 
  • giving you the time for that much needed nap or shower while we care for your baby. 

Our postpartum doulas are professionally trained to give non-judgmental support to your entire family, no matter what parenting style you follow.

Do you need help getting through your day?  Our postpartum day shifts are $36/hour of support.

Do you need more sleep at night?  Our postpartum overnight shifts give you that. Starting at $260 for 8 consecutive hours.

* ask about our customised packages available