Renew & Recharge your energy 

Sometimes all it takes are a couple of hours to yourself to get back on track, feel nourished and soul satisfied. But as a new parent those few hours can be the most challenging goal to attain!

Maybe you fancy a yoga class without baby or a long overdue date night with your partner. Perhaps you need some self care like a massage, haircut or mani-pedi. Or maybe you just want to catch an art exhibit that's passing through town. We know and understand that filling your bucket with self-love means you'll have more energy to give. Why not call us to jump in so you can escape?

While you're enjoying YOU time some of the things we can do are:

  • provide professional skilled care for your baby including bottle feeding, diaper changing and bathing
  • light housework
  • meal preparation

* Please note that light housework is limited to laundry of baby clothes only and doing dishes or filling the dishwasher. Meal preparation and light housework will be done when possible (if baby is sleeping and not in need of our full attention!)

** To be eligible for this service baby MUST be at least 6 weeks old and able to feed from a bottle

Cost: $36 p/hour - minimum 2 hours per shift